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A challenging year ahead for Muggeridge Field?

Last year was a year of ups and downs for Muggeridge Field but 2022 looks like it could be a challenging year. It seems likely that we will be faced with another planning application to develop the field. If that happens, we will need to come together again to save it, as we did 10…

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New leaders at HDC support green spaces

Horsham District Council has dropped its proposal to build houses on Rookwood Park Golf Course and the new leadership team has expressed a commitment to enhance local green spaces. According to the West Sussex County Times, Tony Hogben, the new deputy leader for HDC said, “The council is now under new leadership and enhancing our…

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WSCC election: Candidates give their views on Muggeridge Field

On 6th May, we will be able to vote for the person we want to be our County Councillor in the West Sussex County Council elections. We asked the Horsham Riverside candidates for their views on Muggeridge Field. We told the candidates that WSCC are currently trying to get Muggeridge Field allocated for development in…

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460 people counted on Muggeridge Field in a single day

On 27th February 2021, the number of people using the bridleway in Muggeridge Field was counted and the total came to 460. It was great to see so many people enjoying the field. It’s not unusual to see this number of people in Muggeridge Field when it’s the weekend and the sun is shining. It…

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Neighbourhood Plan: Now the examiner report ignores local residents.

The Independent Examiner has published his report on the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan. He decided that Muggeridge Field doesn’t fully meet the NPPF criteria for designation as a Local Green Space (LGS). He gave no explanation as to how he reached this decision. He also took no action to address the representations made by local…

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WSCC proposal to build 63 dwellings on Muggeridge Field

Henry Adams has submitted a representation against the draft Local Plan on behalf of West Sussex County Council (WSCC). They have asked for Muggeridge Field to be allocated for development so that 63 dwellings can be built on it. The representation was submitted in March 2020 but it has only just come to our attention.…

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Neighbourhood Plan: Local residents ignored again.

The updated Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan has been issued and Muggeridge Field still hasn’t been designated as a Local Green Space. Local residents explained why it should be protected but were ignored again. Instead, the assessment has been updated in the favour of West Sussex County Council (WSCC). Local residents made 13 representations about Muggeridge…

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Neighbourhood Plan: Muggeridge Field left unprotected.

The draft Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan has been issued for consultation. Despite the efforts of local residents, Muggeridge Field hasn’t been designated as a Local Green Space (LGS). The reason for discounting it isn’t even valid. Muggeridge Field failed the first stage of their evaluation, which involved a desktop assessment of each of the 77…

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