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Videos of Muggeridge Field

The Bald Explorer, Richard Vobes, goes for a walk across Muggeridge Field, Chesworth Farm and Denne Park. Richard starts his walk in Muggeridge Field, on the newly resurfaced bridleway at the end of Arun Way (1:40 minutes into the video) . Richard thinks he is walking over Great Horsham Hill but he is actually walking over Muggeridge Field (up to 3:08 minutes into the video).

The video below shows a typical walk from the main entrance of Chesworth Farm at the end of Chesworth Lane. The walk goes across many of the fields in Chesworth Farm. It starts in Jenny Bare Legs, goes up Great Horsham Hill and then through the gate at the top of the hill into Muggeridge Field (54 seconds into the video). There’s a brief shot of the views from the top of Muggeridge Field but it doesn’t really do it justice.