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WSCC proposal to build 63 dwellings on Muggeridge Field

Henry Adams has submitted a representation against the draft Local Plan on behalf of West Sussex County Council (WSCC). They have asked for Muggeridge Field to be allocated for development so that 63 dwellings can be built on it. The representation was submitted in March 2020 but it has only just come to our attention.

The draft Local Plan was issued for a public consultation in February 2020. The plan allocated some strategic sites and some smaller sites for development. Muggeridge Field wasn’t allocated for development. When Horsham District Council (HDC) issued the draft Local Plan, they said the site allocations were proposals and they wouldn’t need to keep all of them in the finalised plan. So there should be no reason for them to allocate Muggeridge Field for development in the finalised plan, which is due to be issued in spring 2021.

However, our experience from the neighbourhood plan is that there is a bias towards WSCC’s view of Muggeridge Field. Also, HDC’s proposal to develop Rookwood Park has demonstrated a disregard of the needs of the local community to have access to green spaces. So this representation is cause for concern.

If Muggeridge Field is allocated for development in the finalised plan, we will need your help to raise objections.