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Last update: 20th December 2022

In 2021, WSCC stated its intention to develop Muggeridge Field but they can’t do so without getting planning permission. Planning applications have been held up by a water supply issue that affects the Horsham District. This issue has almost been resolved. We are monitoring the situation. Please sign up for email updates below.

Planning Application

A planning application to develop Muggeridge Field is likely to be submitted in 2023.

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Neighbourhood Plan

Muggeridge Field has been left unprotected in the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan.

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Horsham District Local Plan

Muggeridge Field is identified as a potential development site in the Local Plan but it hasn’t been allocated for development.

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Neighbourhood plan paves the way for the development of cherished green spaces

Muggeridge Field has been left unprotected in the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan.  This is bad news not only for Muggeridge Field but also for Chesworth Farm. On 20th October 2022, residents and businesses in the area covered by the plan (Denne, Forest and Trafalgar) will be able to vote on the plan in a referendum. …

A challenging year ahead for Muggeridge Field?

Last year was a year of ups and downs for Muggeridge Field but 2022 looks like it could be a challenging year. It seems likely that we will be faced with another planning application to develop the field. If that happens, we will need to come together again to save it, as we did 10…

New leaders at HDC support green spaces

Horsham District Council has dropped its proposal to build houses on Rookwood Park Golf Course and the new leadership team has expressed a commitment to enhance local green spaces. According to the West Sussex County Times, Tony Hogben, the new deputy leader for HDC said, “The council is now under new leadership and enhancing our…

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